We have a Councillor sitting for a Chichester City Council Council seat.


Chichester Town Council
Sarah Sharp - Councillor - Chichester South Ward

Sarah Sharp has lived in Chichester since 1999 when she moved here with her young family. She got involved with the Whyke Residents’ Association a few weeks after moving in and helped at the Party organised to mark the new Millennium.  Later she got involved in a series of summer parties the Whyke Residents’ Association organises on the Amphitheatre every year, as well as being the main organiser of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2002.  She set up ChiCycle in 2009 in response to her concerns about traffic at the school gate. This quickly led her to set up and run the 20’s Plenty for Chichester campaign which successfully concluded in the change of speed limit on the city’s residential streets in the summer of 2013.  Sarah is still involved in campaigning – running the community speedwatch team for 20mph and 30mph streets. She has commented on sustainable travel issues in the Local Plan in early November and has various projects in the pipeline for example her new petition on pedestrian crossings and improved cycle provision, the Big Green Cargo Trike Project, and the “Chichester Cycle Chic” Photographic Exhibition planned for summer 2015.


Bersted Parish Council
David Meagher - Councillor

I have been serving Bognor Regis as a town councillor for nearly four years. I live and work locally and am married with four children who have all attended local schools in Bognor Regis.  I trained as a landscape architect but work for the community, working with young adults and people who learning need support.  The community is at the heart of why I am standing for election with the Green party which believes in equal opportunities for all.  I am aware of the many issues that affect our town and its surroundings. If elected I will work towards reducing anti-social behaviour, including dog fouling and fly tipping. I will support new schemes put forward by community groups to enhance and rebuild the pride of Bognor Regis. I believe that we should be producing products locally which will increase employment opportunities for people to work.  Rolls Royce is just a start. Household bills need to be kept down, working locally helps.

As a councillor I supported the Picturedrome and its expansion with more screens. I have never supported a multiplex and the building of more flats in Bognor Regis. I have worked on the planning committee for nearly four years, opposing new buildings and modifications that adversely affect the architecture of the town. The committee has been successful in putting up many cases against extending licensing hours and licenses for the selling of alcohol on our streets where street drinking is a problem.  As a ‘Green’ councillor I fully support the reusing of the perfectly good materials around the station forecourt and keeping the environment clean around the streets alleyways and open spaces of Bognor Regis.

I will also work towards modernising the Woodgate crossing and find a way of getting a fast rail route to London. Although there is always a need for new housing this shouldn’t be at the expense of the environment. I want to continue to work towards a better Bognor Regis, not to be a politician, but to support the people of Bognor Regis in their drive to improve their town, furthering opportunities for local work for local people, promoting local food for local people, and building communities which knit together. I am very concerned about the reduction in bus services which has led to the isolation of pensioners, young people without cars, and those who are physically impaired who depend on public transport. I will push for the restoration of these services. I have represented my immediate community where I live for nearly four years, I hope that you will support me so that I can continue to work hard and build on the successes of my time already served as a councillor.