Climate Change and Divestment Workshop

Friends Meeting House, Priory Road, Chichester PO19 1NX

Monday, 16 July at 7 to 8.30pm


MPs: please stop backing fossil fuels!

With soaring temperatures and dangerous climate change effects over the world and very noticeably in our own country, the local Green Party is once again highlighting the need for serious action to prevent climate change from blighting our future.

The 200 companies who control world supplies of coal, oil and gas are among the richest and most powerful on the planet, and they have successfully opposed and delayed the actions that governments try to make to reduce climate change. The Fossil Free movement aims to weaken this industry and their dangerous influence.

Many institutions in this country are involved in backing these companies, by investing in their stocks and shares, and with their pension schemes. Most prominently of all, our Government who have signed up to cutting fossil fuel use, should not be investing in Parliamentary Pensions in this area. The Divestment campaign is asking them to stop this investment.

Chichester and Bognor Green Party and Transition Chichester are holding a meeting with Divest Parliament to raise awareness of this issue, and to focus on asking our three local MPs to join 150 current and former MPs who have already signed the Divestment Pledge.

City Councillor Sarah Sharp said, ‘Everyone is welcome at this meeting – it is not party political, it’s just for everyone who would like to do something positive about climate change. It will also be a good chance to meet your neighbours and learn about political lobbying.’

Please come along to the Friends Meeting House in Priory Road, Chichester on next Monday, 16 July at 7 to 8.30pm, to find out how to successfully persuade Gillian Keegan, Nick Herbert and Nick Gibb to set a great example by committing to change their own pension investments. If you can’t make the meeting, please do write to your own MP.

To find out more, visit Divest Parliament’s website.

More details about the Chichester Meeting from Valerie Briginshaw on 01243 773522,

In the UK, over 100 institutions have committed to taking their money out of fossil fuels, including local authorities, universities and the BMA.


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