WEST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL Thursday 21st November


Michael Neville

Mike NevilleI spent a good part of my childhood exploring this special part of the world on my bicycle!  Whether it was a ride around the harbour or a slog over Kingley Vale, my formative years were immersed in the beauty that the Bourne area provides.  I grew up in Birdham and attended secondary school in Chichester.  Then it was off to London to study Chemistry and begin a career in education, learning my trade at inner city London schools.

My eyes were really opened to the environmental challenges we face during a one year honeymoon/career break, when my wife and I circumnavigated the world by bike.  On our 16,000 mile ride, we witnessed the very best and very worst of the ways in which humans interact with their surroundings.

My support for The Green Party grew from this life changing trip. However, it is a more recent life changing experience which has catalysed my push into local politics.  Two years ago, our 5 yr old daughter was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer.  We have fought as a family and come out the other side.  It is this battle that has convinced me that I must do everything I can to secure a future for generations to come.  Life is so precious and our planet is equally vulnerable.

I understand the harsh reality of balancing the demands of a growing local population with a global offensive on climate change.  I ground my approach on an unshakeable work ethic, underpinned by honesty, integrity and kindness.  We can work across our communities to create sustainable ways of living but to support the great work of our Green CDC councillors, we now need a voice at county level.

Loxwood Electoral Division by-election

Francesca Sechi

Francesca ChettaMy name is Francesca Sechi. I spent my childhood growing up in the countryside.
After 20yrs living and working in London, I moved back to the countryside 8 yrs ago with my 2 children. Both are schooled locally, and my daughter has just started college.
My main concern momentarily is regarding the Climate extinction crisis, which is not being taken seriously- either by this ruling government and locally, by the governing body. A climate extinction crisis has been declared, but Chichester conservative council has chosen to skirt over this. I want this to be my priority in the Loxwood 6 wards. Cutting emissions, more accessible affordable local transport, more social and environmentally friendly housing. I have first-hand experience regarding the housing crisis in West Sussex and there are people living in poverty under our noses, families frequently using food banks, thank goodness food banks exist, but we want to see the usage reduced, not increased. I want to give my thanks and support back to NHS for all the times they have helped me and my family in the past, it is an outrage that the NHS is threatened under this government.
Locally there are many issues that need to be addressed. I feel that the Green party are the Party to make this happen. I am standing for the good of the people, to be your voice, I will work extremely hard to bring your political and ecological concerns to the forefront. I actively campaign for the welfare of animals and all wildlife. This is very close to my heart.
Francesca Sechi




Our election priorities - Climate and Ecological Emergency, People's Vote, End Austerity, Green Economy.

Arundel and South Downs

Isabel Thurston

Isabel Thurston

I have lived near Arundel for 20 years, and have both brought my family up and worked at a school in the area. I have been an active member of the Green Party for 30 years in officer roles with local parties, and have regularly stood in local elections. I was also the Candidate forArundel and SD in the 2015 general election, achieving 6.4% of the vote. I was delighted to be elected on to Arun District Council and subsequently to the South Downs National Park Authority, in May 2019. 

One of my key priorities for Arundel and South Downs would be to campaign for improved public transport. I believe that now the Government has declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency, intense effort should be put into ensuring that rural areas have the joined up and effective services they need to become less car dependent. This, along with other measures, would help the congestion suffered by our towns and villages and ensure we are moving towards a carbon zero future. I would stand against airport expansion and the construction of new roads, and I would champion the development of alternative energy sources. 

The future is uncertain for our many small business and the agricultural sector; however, I would do everything in my power to ensure they are supported in the years ahead. I would especially encourage environmentally friendly initiatives. I believe passionately that we must conserve our precious wildlife and diverse habitats, and would encourage the new administration to strengthen legislation for this purpose. I would also fight for better central funding to our local councils for education and public services, especially with the aim of reducing inequality in the constituency and ending austerity.

Bognor and Littlehampton

Carol Birch

Carol Birch

Climate Change is my first priority, I believe that every decision should be taken with this in mind. How to reduce emissions at every opportunity, our individual actions are important. Decisions such as where and how to build a home, where to build roads (or not), how to encourage cycling and walking are critical and need leadership from our Government.
I would like to see the whole government system overhauled with Highways England money being diverted to a new organisation tasked with facilitating the movement of people in a healthy non-polluting manner.
As a result of changes such as these, I believe that we can have a healthier environment and be healthier ourselves as walking and cycling become easier.
I would support the NHS.
Building homes for the future needs to be Zero Carbon with better use of our brownfield sites. By designing warmer, more secure homes again people’s health would be improved.
I would encourage a less wasteful way of consuming, buying local, seasonal produce by encouraging local businesses.
Our environment has been put under considerable pressure and it has become apparent that protection for our environment has been too weak.
The outcome of Brexit is not certain. However, it has become very clear that the protection for our environment is under threat at a time where we should instead be increasing our protection. This would be another of my priorities.
Locally, our Local Plan has exposed the balance of power in planning housing for our future has been placed firmly in developers hands, this needs to change. I would campaign for a properly planned approach to housing that would deliver homes to the people that need them, in the place that they are needed.
Having first-hand experience of the Welfare Benefits system I have seen the withdrawal of support for many people in our society so that now many are living in absolute poverty. There are changes that are urgent if we are to have a society that we can be proud of. We have been told many lies to justify Austerity. At the same time, many of the richest people in our society have been given tax cuts.
Schools in West Sussex have some of the lowest funding levels per pupil in the country. I would campaign for this to be changed so that the children of West Sussex can have the same opportunities that other areas have.
Finally, we are long overdue for a more modern election system, I would actively campaign for a change to a fairer proportional representation system.


Heather Barrie

Heather BarrieI have lived in Chichester for 14 years and I am standing for the Green Party as they are the only party who are consistent in their message and founded on a basis of respect and fairness for people and planet.  As a local councillor it is often frustrating that we can’t make changes at a local level due to restrictive or outdated government policies.  We need to resolve the Brexit impasse and move to embrace the concepts of the Green New Deal to enable this country to deliver a future that is fair and inclusive and addresses the reality of the climate change emergency. I am a business owner, a coffee lover and keen cyclist and walker and I am passionate about the world in which we live and its future. 
Heather Barrie and Caroline Lucas