Green Party Candidates

Arun District

Arun 2019

We are standing in Bognor Regis, Pagham, Arundel and Walberton, Barnham and Eastergate, and Yapton.

The Green Party is delighted to be standing candidates in wards across the district. For too long our council has been dominated by one party, and this must be changed. Our key challenge is to mitigate the damage threatened by the council’s destructive Local Plan, which is set to flood the area with swathes of housing over farmland and sites of importance for wildlife.  The controversial and badly thought-through proposed new A29 route will cause havoc for existing residents and bring thousands more cars to local roads. This is happening alongside West Sussex County Council’s announcement of more cuts to bus routes and public services. Your Green candidates will fight for transport solutions that do not force everyone into cars, adding to the existing congestion and pollution on our roads. Residents may be surprised to learn that Arun District Council does not have anyone publicly responsible for the environment – Greens mean to change this. We will push for accountability across all departments to be co-ordinated by one person. This is crucial in the light of the Climate Change emergency that is being declared nationally. We need policies that cut the use of fossil fuels; policies such as the use of sustainable energy, home insulation and public transport. We will also promote the development of community services so that the people who live in the area are adequately supported. We will fight for playing fields and green spaces, including  orchards and allotments so that more food can be grown locally. We will ask for a think tank on the reduction of plastic waste, and more efficient recycling services, including food waste. We need our council to step up and take the lead on improving our environment.

Isabel Thurston - Barnham and Eastergate Ward.

Isabel ThurstonOur biggest challenge in Barnham and Eastergate is living with the enormous new development being imposed on our coummunity over the next ten years. I have lived in Barnham for 20 years and have been active locally in trying to protect our environment, most recently by joining Barnham Parish Council (now Barnham and Eastergate council). I have been attending the Arun District Council working party meetings as the Local Plan is finalised, in the hope of mitigating the worst effects of the plans. If elected to the District Council I will challenge the current majority who have demonstrated a complete lack of commitment to preserving the environment on behalf of local people and future generations. I will continue to push for solutions to traffic congestion, for environmental standards on new housing, alternative energy sources and the preservation of green spaces. I will insist that the council puts the environment ahead of profit when appointing contractors, not least by ensuring there is an officer in charge of this area. I will support sustainable housing and business initiatives, and stand up for residents.



Chichester District

Sarah Sharp

photo of Sarah and climate emergencyNewsletter 2019 - Feb final

Second leaflet final


I am standing to be re-elected to the City Council and to hopefully join the District Council in May.


I am keen to continue the work I have started on the City Council and to join the Working Group on Climate Change and Single-Use plastics that I helped to set up in January.


I am keen to continue to hold the large Conservative majorities to account – calling out their expenditure on statues, replacing like for like bike racks, fighting the closure of the law courts, the excessive concentration on Growth Plans and profit instead of putting people and the planet first.


I am a Member of the Homelessness Forum that was set up by the Mayor and as I am involved in the Heart Project and also support Stonepillow, I think I am uniquely placed to try and bring these different partners together.


I have campaigned for nearly 10 years on cycling. After the initial success of getting in 20mph limits, I am still working hard to champion safe pavements, protected cycle routes and to fight for cheaper and cleaner buses. I am running an Anti-Idling campaign in Whyke as I know that our councils are not doing enough to combat air pollution. I support campaigns for reduction in single-use plastics and the Refill Project.


I have also worked hard to support Muchos Nachos at the Crown from closing and have successfully brought music events with the University and supported other events and activities in the pub eg games chest, . Being on the Council is a helpful tool in many of the campaigns I run and support eg Friends of Centurion Way, the Crown Community Pub Hub, Clean Air Chichester, ChiCycle, 20’s Plenty for Chichester and the Community Phone Box where we share books and toys.


I work hard to communicate what the councils do on social media and to share as much as I can the meetings I attend. I enjoy meeting people and linking people together to help things to happen. I aim to encourage people to get involved and take part.


I live in Chichester South and believe this can help me understand the concerns of the people who live here better. We don’t pay for our leaflets to be delivered and this means that I do get to know every door in the ward. I do my best to listen to people’s concerns and take their problems forward. I believe in working for the Common Good and work hard for the health and well being of the community in which I am lucky enough to live.   

 Lucy Noble

Lucy Noble

I have lived in the Chichester District for 11 years and I feel very lucky to reside in such a beautiful part of the world.

I feel passionately about the environment and I have become increasingly concerned following the report by the IPCC last autumn and all the recent research which is hitting the headlines on a weekly basis.








Lucinda Gibson-House 

Lucinda Gibson-HouseI am pleased to be standing for Sidlesham and Selsey North. I have been a resident of Chichester for 28 years. I've been living in Sidlesham for the last 17 years.

I am 55 years old I originally studied at the University here and then after time working away I returned here with my husband, we married in the local registry office  in North Street, both of my children were educated in Chichester and still live here with their children.

I work in education locally and my husband works in a local company. I  am very invested in the area and protecting the environment and amenities that we currently enjoy.



Heather Barrie

Heather Barrie I have lived in Chichester South for 14 years now and I am standing for the Green Party as they are the only party who are consistent in their message and are founded on a basis of respect and fairness for people and plant.  They are also actively addressing the reality of the climate change emergency. I am a business owner, a coffee lover and keen cyclist and walker and am passionate about the world in which we live and it’s future.









Michael Neville

Michael Neville


I spent a good part of my childhood exploring this special part of the world on my bicycle.  Whether it was a ride around the harbour or a slog up Kingley Vale, my formative years were immersed in the beauty that our harbour villages offer.  


I grew up in Birdham and attended secondary school in Chichester.  Then it was off to London to study Chemistry at University and  begin a career in education, learning my trade at inner city schools.


My eyes were opened to the environmental challenges we face during a one year honeymoon/career break when my wife and I circumnavigated the world by bike.  On our 16,000 mile ride, we witnessed the very best and very worst of the ways in which humans interact with their surroundings.


My support for the Green Party and its values grew from this life changing trip.  However, it is a more recent life changing experience which catalysed my push into local politics.  Two years ago, our five year old daughter was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer.  We have fought as a family and have come out the other side.  It is this battle that has convinced me that I must do everything I can to secure a future for generations to come.  Life is so precious and our planet is equally vulnerable.  


I understand the harsh reality of balancing the demands of a growing local population with a global offensive on climate change, and I would be honoured to be able to work with our communities to navigate our way through these challenges together!

Supporters 2019

Supporters 2019