GONE event hosted by Chichester and Arun Green Party and Extinction Rebellion

24 August 2020

On Sunday 23rd August an area of grass in Hotham Park in Bognor Regis was laid with donated children’s shoes and audio stories, to represent a stark reminder of the current future we will be handing to the next generation and the hardships they will experience due to the Climate Crisis.

Residents' Association for Arundel Park

04 August 2020

Covid 19 has taught us how vital it is to have vibrant, strong communities to help out at times of crisis. The South and East of Chichester is one area where there are gaps in the coverage of local residents' associations. So the call has gone out to set up a new one to cover the area around Florence Park especially Arundel Park Estate.

Creating a 'New Normal' and Changing Human Behaviour

04 August 2020

Over the last few months during lockdown we have seen how quickly the planet recovers when humans reduce their activity. How are we going to ensure that we don't go back to the way we were before?

Green Party Green Recovery plan

30 June 2020

Chichester and Arun Green Party knows that the combination of Covid-19 recovery and the climate crisis means it is ever more crucial to focus on a Green Recovery that works for the benefit of every one over both the short and long term.

Reduce Planes, Increase Wellbeing : Greens Call for Aviation to be Controlled Post-Covid

08 June 2020

No-one takes any satisfaction from the current trouble of the aviation industry in the UK, but strong lobbying from Arundel & South Downs MP Andrew Griffith, to have full planes ASAP and more industry tax benefits as well as rejecting the new quarantine policy, is the opposite way to go, say Arun Greens.

Farmers and Residents of Arundel and South Downs Let Down by MP’s Agriculture Vote

01 June 2020

What price will West Sussex farmers pay as this government embarks on trade negotiations with the USA and other countries? Greens from the Arundel area are astonished and worried at the extraordinary contradictions displayed in a recent Commons vote by local MP Andrew Griffith.

The REAL Emergency is That Our MPs Don’t Understand the Biggest Issue of All

27 May 2020

Elected Greens in Arun have expressed alarm at recent statements made by two local MPs which demonstrate worrying blind spots about the seriousness of the growing climate and ecological emergency.

Climate Emergency One Year On

11 December 2019

Last December Sarah Sharp put a motion to the City Council about the Climate Emergency which was finally adopted in the summer by the City Council after numerous debates. One year on the 4 Green Party Councillors on the City Council find that progress has been "painstakingly slow"

If not now, when? | Green Party Broadcast

07 December 2019

"This election offers the greatest, perhaps the last, opportunity to change course."

South East Green MEP visits Chichester on Green New Deal tour

22 October 2019

Alex Phillips, elected as both Green MEP and Mayor of Brighton in 2019 and the youngest ever person to hold the position of mayor, will be touring her South East constituency in an electric bus, and holding an event in Chichester that will bring together politicians from all parties, local green business leaders, and community activists, to explain what a Green New Deal could mean for the UK, the South East, and Chichester.

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