US leaves Paris Climate Agreement

2 June 2017

Donald Trump has today (31 May) announced that the US will leave the Paris Climate Agreement reached in 2015, and since ratified by more than 100 countries globally. 
Jo Prior, Green Party candidate for Arundel and South Downs, comments on his decision:
"It beggars belief that Trump has decided to pull out of one of the most important global agreements ever reached. The impact of climate change is already being measured by scientists; glaciers are shrinking, frozen rivers are melting and trees flowering earlier in the season and we've seen an increase in extreme weather events - droughts followed by heavy and unpredictable rainfall, floods and storms. The extent of climate change will depend on how quickly we can limit and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced globally and that requires us to work together. President Trump’s decision is shortsighted, environmentally and economically dangerous and flies in the face of science and progress. Trump has chosen to align himself with countries like Syria and Nicaragua in opposition to the rest of the global community who are united in their determination to tackle our carbon crisis. The Green Party will always work to keep the environment centre stage.”