Heather Barrie, Green Party candidate for Chichester, comments on Trump leaving Paris Climate Agreement

4 June 2017

Donald Trump has announced (31 May) that the US will leave the Paris Climate Agreement reached in 2015, and since ratified by more than 100 countries globally.  Theresa May hasfailed to sign a joint statement with other European leaders expressing regret at Mr Trump’s action

Heather Barrie, Green Party candidate for Chichester, comments on his decision:

"I am sadly not surprised that Trump has pulled out of The Paris Agreement on Climate Change. His contention that walking away from this crucial consensus will be good for America is self-centred and unrealistic.  Leaders across the world understand the scientifically measured impact that climate change is having on our planet: an increase in extreme weather events, unpredictable rainfall, extended droughts and melting polar icecaps. These events wreak havoc on populations and communities across the world and in order to curb the extent of climate change, we need to act now and act quickly and act together to limit and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced globally. President Trump’s decision is inward looking and disastrous for our planet and Theresa May’s lack of support for almost universal condemnation of his actions tells us where her priorities lie.  The Green Party has always put the environment at the heart of its policies and underpins its commitment to fairness for both people and planet. Climate Change is one of the greatest threats facing our world and the Green Party will always keep the environment at the top of the agenda."