Chichester Climate Forum meets this week

11 June 2017

The Paris Climate Agreement has been in the news recently, following US President Trump’s disastrous announcement that he will take the USA out of the agreement, which was celebrated around the world as a step towards holding back catastrophic climate disruption. However, on a local level, many groups and organisations are taking the agreement seriously and putting plans in place to meet our obligations. We owe it to future generations to do all that we can, although the effects of climate change are, of course, already being felt.
Following a successful event in January, the Chichester Climate Change Forum, is holding another evening to update the community about what is being done locally to combat climate change.
The Forum comprises West Sussex County Council, Transition Chichester, Christian Aid, Community Energy South and the local Green Party, who are presenting their plans and ideas about what needs to be done in the coming years to reduce West Sussex's carbon footprint and combat Climate Change. The annual ‘footprint’ – or carbon consumption - of each West Sussex resident is 17.3t. To meet our target, this needs to be reduced to 1.1t per resident by 2050 – a figure which underlines the difficult task ahead.
Green City Councillor Sarah Sharp said, “Working in partnership and bringing people together is a sure fire way of bringing about the sort of positive change we need to see."
Speakers will include the popular local food writer, Rosemary Moon, the Waste Team from West Sussex County Council and Carrie Cort from Sussex Green Living.
For further information please contact Sarah Sharp on 07789 843556