A 27 - Green Party Response

8 September 2017



The Public Consultation is happening now. Please consult the Highways England website to find out where the plans are being displayed near you.


In our opinion all of the plans for ‘upgrading’ the A27 will have an adverse impact on the environment. When responding to the Highways England consultation, residents are encouraged to show their concern about the impact on our precious ecology, landscape and scenery, history and also on residential properties and quality of life.


“These plans will have a devastating impact, meaning that we will make permanent, destructive changes to our much loved city for very little gain,” says Sarah Sharp, our local City Councillor. “Option 2, for example, will cause the loss of a much loved view of the city from the canal, whilst other options favour huge, ugly, concrete flyovers. Surely we care more about our city than to sacrifice it to this butchery?”


Green traffic experts warn that adding road capacity usually results in increased road traffic, in turn adding to pollution and eventually to more congestion than ever. We believe that the least damaging option in the proposed plans is Option 3 – also the most cost effective. The worst effects of the bigger, busier road should be mitigated by measures to reduce noise and light pollution. The Green Party also continues to advocate that a full alternative transport policy is drawn up, and we are planning to present our plans to local councillors.



We are arranging a public meeting for concerned local people to discuss the full range of options on 16 September. For further details, and advice on completing the consultation form,  please contact Sarah Sharp, on 07789 843556 or sarah.ccc@gmail.com.



The HE consultation will be Spring 2018. Please see the Highways England website.

We are supporting the view of local groups, Arundel A27 Forum and Arundel and Binsted Neighbourhood Committee (ABNC) which both have excellent websites detailing proposals to substitute a shorter route to replace the two long bypass routes planned, which go through either Binsted Village or Tortington Woods and ancient woodland.