Drilling at Lidsey

23 October 2017

Speculation on the risks associated with oil production continues following the installation of a second well at Lidsey, near Bognor Regis. 
Investors are predicting the well will shortly be producing hundreds of barrels a day. Campaigners are calling for more information on the processes being used at Angus Energy’s oil operation. The Chichester and Bognor Green Party has written to Angus Energy and West Sussex County Council to ask for details on the chemicals being used and will then push for a public meeting. It is only fair that local people are aware of this activity, which is scheduled to continue for ten years. 
Campaigners are concerned that toxic substances will be released into the ground as part of the process of extracting oil. Chemicals can be used at 3 stages of extraction* There is also local concern regarding vehicle movements and disposal of waste.
Angus Energy have already  been reported to West Sussex County Council for breach of planning conditions relating to vehicle access onto the busy A29. 
A Green Party spokesperson said 'There is a very real fear that due to large amounts of hidden oil in this area, activity such as this will become more widespread. We believe there is a need to prevent this happening, and concentrate on cleaner methods of energy generation.'