Chichester City Council decides to refer motions on climate change and single-use plastic to all three of its committees

7 December 2018

Sarah Sharp, Green Party Chichester City Councillor responds to Chichester City's decision to refer motions on climate change and single-use plastic to all three of its committees:

"The City Council's decision to refer the motions on climate change and single-use plastic to all three committees in January was the first step in addressing the most serious challenges facing all levels of government. I am pleased that we are following in the footsteps of cities like Bristol and Manchester and I hope we can take the lead on these issues. I am really pleased that the Council agreed to set up a Task and Finish group. I am encouraged but slightly frustrated  - the motion refers quite clearly to a "Climate Emergency" - urgent action is needed and required to bring about huge shifts in the way we heat our houses, fuel our industries and how we travel and move goods, so waiting until January is indicative of how councils work. It is about time that all three committees (Planning & Conservation, Community Affairs and Finance) include climate change on their Terms of Reference. What I will be calling for is for every decision or piece of advice or comment the Council issues to be drawn up with a view to having as negative as effect as possible on climate change. 

The motion on plastic is less controversial and easier for us all to take action on. I am pleased that these motions have had a first airing - but we need to delve much deeper and I am looking forward to the challenges and debates in January. I hope that the City Council can take the lead on championing the changes we will need to make as a society in order to survive and thrive."

The dates of the meetings are:

Planning & Conservation Wednesday 9th Jan at 5.30 pm

Finance Tuesday 15th Jan at 5.30 pm

Community Affairs Monday  21st Jan at 5.30 pm

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