Worthing Climate Action Network divestment demonstration

5 February 2019

Chichester and Bognor Green Party will be supporting this action: please join us at the Cross at 9.45 on Friday 15 February. 

Message from Worthing Climate Action Network.

West Sussex County Council are investing about £200,000,000 of their pension fund in fossil fuels. Investments in oil, coal and gas are not only damaging the climate but also pose serious financial risks to investors, including many local pension holders.

There is now a strong Global Divestment Movement and over 1,000 institutions, representing over $8  trillion in assets, have already committed to ditch their investments in fossil fuels. That’s why hundreds of people from around West Sussex are now calling on West Sussex County Council to also become a ‘Divestment Leader’ and divest the West Sussex Pension Fund of its holdings in oil, coal and gas and invest in renewable energy or other benign companies.  

In October the IPCC Report on climate change stated that we have 12 years to turn things around  https://www.theguardian.com/environment/live/2018/oct/08/ipcc-climate-change-report-urgent-action-fossil-fuels-live

After three years of campaigning to get WSCC to divest from fossil fuel in their pension fund we decided that the time for letters and emails is finished and we need to do some direct action. 

We are going to do a sit-in/die-in at Chichester County Hall on Friday 15th February, the date of the next full council meeting. This is at 10.30am, so the aim is to march from Chichester Cross at 10am. Some of us will stay in the foyer and others will go into the meeting with a banner.  

We're asking as many groups & individuals as possibly to join us, if you & any friends or colleagues can I'd be grateful if you could let me know.

Many Thanks

Rod Thick - Worthing Climate Action Network https://www.facebook.com/worthingclimateaction



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