9 May 2019

Two Arun District Councillors and two Chichester District Councillors were elected providing 2 Green Teams on our District Councils  as well  as four Chichester City Councillors elected - a Green Team on Chichester City Council as well.

Chichester District Council

Sarah Sharp Chichester South  987 votes elected

Heather Barrie Chichester South 692 votes elected

To give you some idea of the majority - the nearest any other candidates came were in the 300s (Conservatives) and Labour and Lib Dems all less than 200 each.

Arun District Council

Faye Catterson  - Arundel & Walberton  884 votes elected (came 3rd behind 2 Conservatives)

Isabel Thurston -  Barnham   822 votes elected (came 2nd between 2 Conservatives)

Chichester City Council

Chichester South

Sarah Sharp 1076 votes elected

Heather Barrie 835 votes elected

Debbie Carter 658 votes elected

Polly Gaskin 617 votes elected

The Tories have lost overall control of Chichester District Council which is now made up of 18 Tories, 11, Lib-Dems,3 Independents, 2 Greens and 2 Labour.

The Greens are now the second biggest party on Chichester City Council with more seats than the Tories: Lib-Dem 9, Green 4, Tories 3, Labour 2.  

Other results for Greens locally as follows:

Arun District Council

Doug Maw Yapton 254 votes - 2 Lib Dems elected

Carol Birch Aldwick West 274 votes - 2 Lib Dems elected (Carol beat both Lab candidates)

Sue Livett Orchard 269 votes -2 Lib Dems elected (Sue beat 1 Lab candidate)

Paul Wyatt Pagham 156 votes -2 Independents elected (Paul beat 2 Lab candidates)

Chichester District Council

Lucy Noble - Chichester North 490 votes 1 Tory & 1 Lib Dem elected (Lucy beat the Lab candidate)

Ann Stewart - Westbourne 229 votes 1 Tory elected (Ann beat the Lib-Dem candidate)

Philip Maber - Goodwood 212 votes 1 Tory elected (Philip beat the Lib-Dem candidate)

Stephanie Carn - The Witterings 592 votes 3 Tories elected (Stephanie beat 2 UKIP, 2 Independent and 1 Lab candidate)

Michael Neville - Harbour Villages 961 votes 2 Lib Dems & 1 Tory elected (Michael beat 3 Lab candidates)

Lucinda Gibson-House - Sidlesham with Selsey North 436 votes 1 Tory and 1 Local Alliance candidate elected (Lucinda beat 1 Lib-Dem candidate)

Polly Gaskin - Chichester East 279 votes 2 Lab candidates elected (Polly beat 1 UKIP and 1 Lib Dem)

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