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18 May 2019

EU Candidates 2019Last week, two of the leading Green Party's Euro election candidates paid a visit to Chichester. Alexandra Phillips, Green Councillor and Deputy Mayor of Brighton, and Jonathan Essex, Surrey County Councillor from Redhill and Reigate, addressed a well attended Public Meeting.

Earlier in the day, the two candidates joined in with a typical local Green Party activity – helping to reduce air pollution in the city by handing out leaflets to motorists at the Chichester station level crossing, to inform them about the importance of switching off engines while waiting.

The visitors also met newly elected Green Councillors, Sarah Sharp and Heather Barrie (District and City Councillors), and Debbie Carter and Polly Gaskin (City Councillors).

Important messages for a safe future

Both election candidates stressed the importance of voting Green in the Euro elections if we want to remain in Europe, to seriously combat the climate crisis and to continue the progress the large Green Group (over 50 MEPS from different countries) in the European parliament has achieved towards reforming the EU. They indicated that the Greens are the only group in the parliament that unites around one manifesto and is hence a strong force for change.

Questions from the audience were on topics as varied as animal rights, climate emergency solutions, social cohesion and freedom of movement, Brexit and a Peoples Vote. The Green Party is not a single issue party, and caring for the environment is bound up with social justice.

Alexandra Phillips said, ‘ There is no point in tactical voting in the Euro elections, since the electoral system is a proportional one.’ She was delighted to add that, ‘The Green Party is gaining new members at the rate of one every 3 minutes!'

Valerie Briginshaw, Co-ordinator of Chichester and Bognor Green Party, added that there would be flying visit from the Green Party's Stop Brexit Bus, on Tuesday (May 21) afternoon. Look out for the Green Bus outside the cathedral at 2pm or at Avenue do Chartres from 2.15 to 2.45.

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