A response to Chichester Harbour Trust and Chichester Harbour Conservancy

27 May 2019

The Chichester and Bognor Green Party supports the key messages presented in the open letter to CDC.  We stand at a crossroads which irreversibly dictates the future of this area and we appreciate the gravity of planning decisions for such a historically and geographically important part of the UK.

The recent local elections have amplified public dissatisfaction surrounding the developments taking shape.  There is no question that environmental considerations should be driving the planning and delivery of housing needs.  It is not enough to avoid land allocations for development within the AONB when thousands of homes are then built around its boundaries.  There must be recognition that it is not just the destruction of landscapes, but also the secondary effects caused by waste water and increased traffic.

Michael Neville, Green Party spokesperson for Harbour Villages Ward, stated “The Chichester and Bognor Green Party would like to reinforce strongly the message delivered in the open letter from the Chichester Harbour Trust and Chichester Harbour Conservancy, and make a passionate case for a full review of the CDC’s local plan.  The new composition of CDC represents a long-awaited opportunity to embrace the challenge of meeting housing needs, with a creative and energetic approach, one which ensures an outcome that satisfies social fairness and environmental protection.”

Michael added “The Green Party would once again urge our local council to formally acknowledge a climate emergency and put this at the forefront of all future decisions.  We occupy one of the most beautiful, yet vulnerable parts of the UK and we have a responsibility to show others how it is possible to meet development targets and boost local business whilst protecting our environment for future generations. Safeguarding of biodiversity and prioritising sustainable transport simply must dictate the agenda.

The Green Party would encourage the scheduling of a public meeting by the Chichester Harbour Conservancy and Chichester Harbour Trust, which would allow newly elected councillors to engage with the concerns raised in the open letter.

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