Changing Climate in Arun: the Green view

25 July 2019

Arun Green Councillors Isabel Thurston and Faye Catterson welcomed recent moves by both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats to introduce greener measures to the council's planning.

The motion accepted by full council last week included adding guidelines for greener building for developers in the district. This means such measures as building in more renewable energy and water saving technology. Also accepted were the idea of planting more trees and asking the council's officers to prepare a Climate Emergency declaration to be put to council later in the year.

Councillor Isabel Thurston said, "While these are excellent ideas to get the ball rolling, we do need a full and considered policy on climate change and we are looking forward to playing a full part in these discussions over the next few months." She added, "The Government has declared a climate emergency, and many local councils have followed. However, there is no point unless you can put some realistic targets in place. Although we in the UK are relatively fortunate compared to other places in the world, here in Arun - as a coastal area with a high population density- we are going to feel the effects severely in the years to come unless we start investing now in strategies to mitigate them and slow down our carbon emissions. We need to look at reducing carbon emissions in all ways over the next ten years. This applies to everything the council does, from where its money is invested to how its contractors operate. We need to see more creative approaches and we need to put pressure upwards on West Sussex County Council to invest in public transport, for example."

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