Chichester and Bognor Green Party Statement on Arundel Bypass Decision by Arun District Counci

18 October 2019

At a special meeting on 10 October, Arun District Council backed the Magenta route for the A27 Arundel bypass. Councillor Isabel Thurston, leader of the Green group,  intervened to get the Officers’ recommendation to vote only on this route changed, so that a chance was given to vote on all the routes or none. She said afterwards, “It is depressing that at Arun it is ‘business as usual’ as if we are not about to declare a Climate Emergency in line with other councils. We really can’t carry on like this – roadbuilding is the approach of the last century.” 

She was backed by Green MEP for the South East, Alexandra Phillips, who said in support, “The Arundel Bypass is exactly the sort of project that we should be moving away from, given the current climate crisis...local authorities have to reject plans for more road building.”

Arundel and Walberton Ward Green Councillor, Faye Catterson said, “The council should look after all our residents as well as our environment; this route condemns the villages of Binsted and Walberton. There will be increased traffic on the local roads in the Six Villages area, and we will see congestion at the traffic lights at Fontwell. Really, they will just be moving the traffic jam along the road so we are destroying nationally important wildlife habitats on the edge of the National Park, for absolutely no reason.”

Contacts: Isabel Thurston 07410441589

Faye Catterson 07964555761

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