South East Green MEP visits Chichester on Green New Deal tour

22 October 2019

Alex Phillips, elected as both Green MEP and Mayor of Brighton in 2019 and the youngest ever person to hold the position of mayor, will be touring her South East constituency in an electric bus, and holding an event in Chichester that will bring together politicians from all parties, local green business leaders, and community activists, to explain what a Green New Deal could mean for the UK, the South East, and Chichester.

The Green New Deal is a practical but transformative plan for decarbonising our economy, in ways that work for the majority of people, reducing inequality by creating new local jobs and businesses, renewing local economies and empowering communities. The Green Party has been at the forefront of developing the Green New Deal for the UK and it is the foundation for the Green Party’s action plan to tackle the climate emergency, as recently declared by Chichester District Council. 

Alex will be meeting with local Chichester green enterprises, learning about existing and existing new initiatives in the area, and talking about what we need to do implement a Green New Deal in Chichester. There will be a public event jointly hosted by the Green Party, Chichester Extinction Rebellion, and Eco Chi, at The Assembly Room on Monday, starting at 6pm on 28th October.

Alex will participate in a panel, chaired by Heather Barrie, Green Party Councillor for Chichester South, which will include local sustainable business owners and local campaigners. ChichesterUniversity Music Students are supporting the event with performances later in the evening and there will be an open mic session with talks from Extinction Rebellion and other local environmental campaign groups.

Philip Maber, the event organiser says “It is essential that we transform and re-energize our local economies so I am really excited that Alex Phillips will bring together local trailblazers from both business and campaign groups who are joining together in common cause to  make Chichester and West Sussex’s transition a reality”
Important notice - due to the limited capacity of The Assembly Room, this is a strictly ticketed event. To reserve a free ticket, please register on Eventbrite: :

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