Green Party Green Recovery plan

30 June 2020

Whatever It Takes

Chichester and Arun Green Party knows that the combination of Covid-19 recovery and the climate crisis means it is ever more crucial to focus on a Green Recovery that works for the benefit of every one over both the short and long term. 

District Councillor for Chichester South Sarah Sharp says ‘I am keen to lock in some of the benefits of lockdown with quieter streets and cleaner air. I am proposing today that Chichester's Action Plans should be green, clean, and focussed on tackling the climate emergency. Sustainability must be the golden thread running through all these plans. We need an Environmental Strategy that includes job creation, options to boost employment in retrofitting, the circular economy, and energy generation’.

We want Chichester to use the recovery period to: 

  • Maintain its distinctive attractive markets as they become rarer elsewhere
  • Support local businesses to continue to offer residents and visitors a wider range of shopping choices within walking/cycling distance.
  • Prioritise our residents' and our staff's physical and mental health. 
  • Reduce our overall energy demand from buildings and homes. 

As increasing data shows that staying indoors is bad for your immune system it is important to balance the need for social distancing with the benefits of walking, cycling, socialising, working, and accessing a wider range of food options as we move forward. The Green Party hopes to build on the momentum found within the lockdown, such as bicycle sales increasing, local produce being heavily relied upon, wildlife thriving, and community cohesion again becoming a priority, to be continued positives as we recover. 

Climate Assembly UK have released a report that 8 in 10 people support a Green recovery, and 93% think Government and employers should encourage lifestyle changes to cut emissions as lockdown comes to an end. Chichester can become an example of how this can be done successfully as, despite the obvious strain of finances, it is one of the few areas with good levels of reserves that can be used to cover this year’s expected budget deficit. Investing now in Green Recovery projects can future proof us against future financial and environmental losses.

It is important we find routes to making local housing both affordable and sustainable, such as increased quantities of new build housing having solar panels fitted to reduce emissions and energy costs. These sorts of properties will be more desirable whilst protecting the commitment to the Climate Emergency. This will have a long term positive outcome alongside other measures to increase sustainable energy usage, such wind farm energy sourcing, which combined are now producing 47% of the UK’s electricity generation.

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