09 May 2019

Two Arun District Councillors and two Chichester District Councillors were elected providing 2 Green Teams on our District Councils as well as four Chichester City Councillors elected - a Green Team on Chichester City Council as well.

West Sussex County Council action on Climate Change does not go far enough, say green groups

18 April 2019

Chichester Climate Change Forum has expressed disappointment at West Sussex County Council’s decision not to declare a Climate Emergency. The council recently announced its intention to do more to tackle climate change, but stopped short of signing the ‘emergency’ - unlike many other other authorities around the country.

Worthing Climate Action Network divestment demonstration

05 February 2019

West Sussex County Council are investing about £200,000,000 of their pension fund in fossil fuels. Worthing Climate Action Network are organising a demonstration to draw attention to this.

Southern groups meet to discuss Climate Change Emergency

05 February 2019

What can be done to adequately respond to the IPCC assessment that "Limiting global warming to 1.5°C would require rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society"

Please make a Green comment on the local plan

28 January 2019

The Chichester Local Plan is under review and we would like to ask you to get involved and help push for a more environmentally friendly future.

A27 debate rages on, oblivious to the bigger picture, say Greens

28 January 2019

Following the recent decision by Highways England not to take up either a new Northern or Southern route for the A27 in Chichester, local Greens are renewing their plea for serious alternatives to new road building.

The Community Response to Climate Change

22 January 2019

On Monday evening (21 January 2019) Sarah Sharp concluded the last of her 3 presentations on climate change to the Community Affairs Committee of the City Council.

Climate Change and the Economy in Chichester

16 January 2019

At the Finance Committee of the City Council, Councillor Sarah Sharp, presented a paper on climate change and how this could impact the City of Chichester. The focus of the talk was the risks of climate change to shopping, agriculture as well as insurance and liability implications. Ways ahead include recycling of food waste, retrofitting of older housing stock, local energy production and an integrated transport plan.

Chichester’s Climate Emergency is postponed

16 January 2019

At the Planning and Conservation Committee of the City Council on Wednesday 9th January, Councillor Sarah Sharp championed the United Nations’ call for “urgent and unprecedented changes” to keep the rise of global temperatures under 1.5 degrees C. She suggested changes to the Terms of Reference of the Committee so that climate change would be at the forefront of any decision making and recommendations the Committee would make. The Committee decided that no decisions could be made as the next Full Council meeting that would need to ratify such changes would be taking place in April which would be the official period of purdah before the May elections.

#returntheplastic event on Saturday at Sainsbury's

07 January 2019

Christmas and New Year is a busy time for families and supermarkets that provide our food and daily essentials. However, the Bognor and Chichester #returntheplastic group was very pleased that Sainsbury's in Chichester found the time and space to accommodate their event on Saturday to encourage shoppers to re-think their shopping habits and to return unwanted plastic to the store.

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